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Surgut - Detailed History

Aboriginals living in the territory of modern Surgut, had no written language. Therefore, for certain written evidence of ancient peoples are not preserved.

Unlike the Europeans, seeking to conquer overseas territories, Russia turned its gaze to the eastern lands. In the long edges potyanulis Cossacks, industrialists, merchants and peasants. They are attracted here rich mining fur. Later, there will raznnobraznyh ore deposits, then oil and gas.

Surgut was founded on the spot settlements tribe Hunt. He was famous for abundance of fish due to geographical features. At this point, Ob is a great grass fish. Not without reason, one of the versions, the name comes from Surgut, Khanty "dirt" - filler floodplain rivers and Kut - fish.

Khanty rooms

Mandate the construction of Surgut was received on 19 Feb, 1594 Voivod Fyodor Petrovich Boryatinskim and written head Vladimir Onichkovym. Place budushego city was in possession ostyatskogo Duke mess. Ship breaking with the help of guns resistance Surgut ostyakov, magistrates began to hastily erect the city. Builders hurry to catch cold, and feared raids ostyakov.

The first settlers were of 155 people. Two years later came another 112. In 1601 the population of Surgut numbered 280 people. The composition of the population was pestrym: Cossacks, aristocratic children, Lithuania and Cherkassy.

On the list name in 1625 there were 222 sluzhilyh rights. In the future, because of high mortality Surgut gradually decreased. In 1627 a population of 216 people in 1635 - 200 people in 1642 - 199. This is the second half of XVII century the population fluctuated in the vicinity of 200 people by the end of the century in Surgut there were 185 inhabitants.

In 1628 Siberia was divided into Tobol and Tomsk level. Initially, Surgut was subordinate to Tomsk, then vozvrashen under the authority of the Tobolskogo level. Surgut Administration has collected Dani (Yasaka), which allows multiple abuse.

Living in Surgut, as well as other Siberians, were in the State. Sluzhilye people receive an annual salary in cash (5 rubles 25 kopecks), bread (8-quarters of single and 11 married quarters Kazakov) and salt (half puda married and single pood and a quarter). Supplies residents weapon and ammunition.

Surgut, like many cities in Siberia, provide a link. They cited popular uprisings parties (including, led by Stepan Razin), church schismatics.

Was time ... City obzavelsya not only the church, Gostiny Dvor, a prison, but the coat of arms. Originally, it included two foxes, among whom was sable. Coat of arms, submitted to the picture, was approved in 1785.

The ancient coat of arms of Surgut

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